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How to Be Your Baby’s First Teacher


Optimize Your Child’s Development for Parenting Success


When a new baby comes home, most new parents feel overwhelmed. They want to help their child grow, develop and thrive, but wonder how to achieve that. As they engage with their new baby and situations arise, new parents often ask themselves, “What did mom say to do if this occurred?

I know all too well those feelings and emotions. The incompetent, inadequate feelings that arise are really a springboard into becoming a capable parent who knows how to meet their baby’s needs. The more incompetent a parent feels, the more open their heart is to be mentored, if they are willing to listen and learn.

My years of experience in moving from incompetent to fully capable is filled with mentors along the way who acted as guides for my growth as a mother, teacher educator and early childhood expert. I have now become a mentor for parents. My passion is to help parents and caregivers understand child development and empower them to be their child’s first teacher.

I deliver motivating, engaging, uplifting presentations that are filled with calls to action that push parents to be the best that they can be for their children. I highlight what parents are doing well and then engage them in areas that need further improvement. This approach leaves participants feeling hopeful and positive about their parenting knowledge and experience. I also encourage parents to reflect on how much or how little they want to increase their effectiveness. My talks and presentations include humor and practical advice on how to handle more serious topics.

I invite you to book me to speak at your organization. Please visit my speaking page and review topics for keynotes and seminars. In addition to the listed topics, I’m happy to present on additional educational and parenting topics. Contact me for a free one hour organizational needs assessment to determine how I can best serve your organization. Every incredible presentation will be custom designed for your organization to empower parents to excel as their child’s first teacher.

Vonda Scipio, Ed.D., has been an advocate for children and families for eighteen years. Dr. Scipio has a doctorate in instruction and curriculum leadership with a concentration in early childhood education from the University of Memphis. She has “hands-on” experience as a parent, grandparent, and professional educator. She has the answers for parents and educators searching for the best ways to help infants and toddlers optimize their developmental stages. Dr. Scipio is a sought after and experienced educator, trainer and speaker. Her new book, Let Babies Teach, and the included Companion Guide, Let Me Teach You Baby, will be available on in September 8, 2017.
Dr. Scipio is available to speak to: PTA, Head Start, Boards of Education, Resource and Referral Agencies, Parent Organizations, Mom’s Groups, University and College Early Childhood programs, Hospital-Lamaze classes, Ob-Gyn and Pediatric clientele, etc.

She will customize her presentation topics to accommodate your needs. Contact her today!

Topics for Keynotes and Seminars


Don’t Wait for the Teacher to Do the Teaching
Parent’s first pivotal role in a child’s educational advancement

Look Who’s Talking
5 ways to begin initiating conversation with your baby

Challenging Behavior- The Terrible Two’s are Really TERRIFIC!
Strategic tools for handling your two-year old

Watch Me Grow
Ages and stages of child development

Early Literacy
Read before birth and after to ignite creativity for superior cognitive development

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