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Let Babies Teach

Learning Child Development Through Observing Babies and Toddlers


Parents and caregivers, you have a pivotal role as your child’s first teacher. Please don’t wait until your child can read to begin reading together. It will be too late.

Here’s some important advice. If I were a new parent, I would begin reading to my child in the womb and immediately after birth. My baby would be held close and I would position the book so she or he, could see it. Changing my voice for the characters would make reading so enjoyable for her. Holding her close and speaking kindly to her would let her know that each reading encounter is a special time to spend with mommy. I would take her little hands and point to all the wonderful objects that I name. I would read short phrases, and then wait for a response from her. If she coos or makes any sound I would respond with words.

Over time I would watch her hold the book herself and begin to turn the pages. It would thrill me when she begins to invite me to sit down and listen to the story. I would be tickled as she takes my fingers and points to object names as if she is teaching me. I would be delighted as she reads phrases and then waits for a response from me. Seeing her move from those wonderful coos to a rich vocabulary with numerous words would be fascinating.  I would read her so many books that by the time she attends Kindergarten she would be reading independently.

So, I invite you to visit my book page to learn more about and purchase Let Babies Teach and the companion guide Let Me Teach You, Baby, which is included in this book. My books describe the stages children go through from birth to age three and the key developmental skills they learn at each age in the areas of language, physical, cognitive, social-emotional and self-help. These books are filled with tools and strategies for assessing babies’ and toddlers’ development and guiding their behavior.

These books will help you understand your child better, assist you in handling common parenting challenges, and help your child develop essential early learning skills to thrive in preschool and school. You will be empowered and given the tools you need to help your child to reach his or her developmental milestones at home.

One of the endorsements for my book reads “this book will serve to instill confidence in parents and to give babies a great start — every new parent should own a copy.”

“This book provides a broad and practical introduction to educators/caregivers who work with infants and toddlers. Its strong and insightful coverage of infant/toddler development comes from children’s perspectives. This engaging writing style helps readers to understand and promote the essential skills, knowledge, and dispositions required to work with infants and toddlers.”

Satomi Izumi-Taylor, Ph.D.

Professor of Early Childhood Education and Youth Services Program Coordinator, The University of Memphis, Memphis, TN

“Dr. Scipio’s book offers new parents so much important information in a very accessible format. In addition to providing information, parents are given activities for participation in their child’s development. There are pages for the readers to record their thoughts and charts for tracking their child’s development. This book will serve to instill confidence in parents and to give babies a great start. Every new parent should own a copy.”

Joan Kastner, Ph.D.

Executive Director of Special Education and Literacy, Kean University, Union, NJ

“This is a must read for every new parent. It is written in an easy to read format and is a guide for parents’ understanding of the growth and development of their child’s critical years from infant through toddler. The companion guide in Part Two has wonderful activities, songs, and rhymes for new parents to interact and engage their babies and toddlers in an easy and entertaining way. It is a guide the entire family can use to help the baby to thrive and develop.”

Kay Reeves, Ed.D.

Clinical Associate Professor/Special Education, The University of Memphis, Memphis, TN

“Dr. Vonda Scipio has done the world a favor by calling attention to early childhood experiences and parenting. She has put together a tool that will allow any parent or professional educator to gain insight on how to support a developing mind. She has created a tool that allows parents and professionals to ensure that all children develop a sturdy foundation.”

Divalyn L. Gordon, EdS

Former Principal, Ridgeway Early Learning Center || Current Principal, Raleigh-Bartlett Meadows Elementary School